Farming & Harvesting

On the large farms in Nicaragua, Ecuador and Brazil, planting tobacco, tobacco seeds Cubed painstaking cultivation, from making cigar Fetiche.

The harvesting of leaves, drying, fermentation, choice and selection, then letting it be handled by skilled artisans and yet, for a long period of maturation in cold climate, having tobacco as a raw material for the making of Fetiche is a necessity.
Selecting & Drying the leaves

The quality of Fetiche starts by chosing the tobacco leaves selectively, that initiciate a culture you will never forget.

To guarantee a good product, while drying the leaves, Fetiche demands are submitted to drying with computerized control, observing rigor in their manipulation to obtain the burning and natural flavor that our good cigar can offer.


When the leaves are already dry, in its first stage of the treatment, they are taken  to an ambient which the temperature is humid and controlled, and are available to be fermented to produce Fetiche manually.

Later, when they are already prepared, they’re rigorously selected, watching destinations for kernels, body and cover, thus forming the ideal mixture and desired idea to create Fetiche.

Cooking Line

In cooking line, the selected sheets are cut and released quantitatively to be slightly twisted through the manual skill of its craftsmen, which, gets processed and developed in Fetiche finest cigars.

Already outlined, the cigar, before receiving its cover is subjected to a system of pressing for about 45 minutes to gain the shape and dimensions in their diameters, and defining the pattern of its format.

Cutting & Inspection

After the pressing, the establishment of special sheets that form the core and body, the cigars receive the cover, a sheet-qualified type coming from Ecuador, and its final form, creating the cigar Fetish.

After receiving its cover, it is cut, and subjected to inspection, by its size and visual appearance are later stored in special chambers to be conditioned, and the homogeneity of its burning, flow and flavor.

Quality Testing

In the process of making the Fetiche, few artisans make their own quality testing suction statistically smoking the cigars of his own making.

During the making of Fetiche, a supervisor for the quality statistical tests, the flow of cigars. At the end of production, a teacher with experience in the manufacture of cigars, evaluates, statistically the batch produced.

Chamber & Climate

Separated in volumes corresponding the package, the cigars remain in the chamber climate with temperatures between 15-20 C and the relative humidity between 60% and 75% within the period of days.

During the fabrication process, the supervision is continued and is normally developed and commercialized responsibly for the making and keeping it within the guarantee of the quality Fetiche cigars has to offer.

Packing & Sales

Already available for sale, our cigars are qualified in packets that were conditioned with bands that are labeled and arranged for dispatch for sales to be made ​​by the sales representative.

This is how we produce Fetiche.

The cigar you will enjoy!
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Productions Steps:
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1. Farming & Harvesting
2. Leaf Selection & Drying
3. Treatment
4. Cooking Line

5. Cutting & Inspection
6. Quality Testing
7. Chamber & Climate
8. Packing & Sales